Tuesday, July 3, 2012

pics: what i wore to a wedding last weekend

I went to Rochester for the first time last weekend for a wedding, and I was stressing the days before trying to find a dress for under $20. I ended up finding one at Ross for $12, but knowing the wedding was going to be pretty fancy, I wasn't pleased with it.

I had a dress from New Year's 2011 that I got at TJ Maxx for $14 that had some holes in it and I thought was lame because it was gold with no color.

Welp, that's the one I went with. I sewed up the holes [and had my friends keep an eye on my butt in case it ripped back open], and dusted off the turquoise heels I wore for the Real World DC Premiere party. [They're a size too big, so I had to go get some inserts to make them fit.] The only accessories I added were the turquoise earrings I made. Total cost for the outfit: $8, thanks to the inserts. Yay for shopping in-closet!

[We felt the need to take prom/senior portraits thanks to the awesome view we had... that you can't even see thanks to our big ass heads. Also, my hair was quickly put up into a topsy-tail after these pictures. Yikes.]

The wedding was super long [7 or more hours for everything!], but when you have an open bar and fun people, it's a beautifully long day.

Check out the groom doing the air guitar and the bride having the typical "here we go again" face. They were adorbs.

Also awesome: Hangin with my new friend Dexter... the bearded Dragon who HATED garland. I wish I had video of him dancing/trying to attack it.

And that's another weekend in the life of me... minus video of me CHOMPING on a garbage plate for the first time. Imagine meat, macaroni salad, fries, and sauce all mixed up into one big mess. It was deliciously awful for my diet.



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