Monday, June 4, 2012

pinteresting: old frame turned earring holder and crockpot salsa chicken

My birthday is coming up in two weeks, which means my house is being turned into a hotel for about 15 of my best friends for the weekend. Finally, I've been given some true motivation to finish everything in my room, get it organized, and looking good.

So, for the next two weeks, expect me to be talking a lot of crafts and "ooh my room is becoming a big girl room!" tweets.

Step one: Get my jewelry organized and out of tangled boxes.

I found a ton of ideas on Pinterest, and I really couldn't decide on one [although I really wanted to use knobs as necklace hangers, but it's a lot more expensive than you'd think!], but when I found a broken frame from the dollar store, I knew the simplest/cheapest solution.

I went to Walmart and bought 1/3 of a black, sparkly mesh material, folded it in half, and hot glued it to the back of my frame. My earrings easily hang from any part of the frame and VOILA! They even look pretty [neat]!

The necklaces are just hanging from nails right now, but hopefully I'll get something spiffier for those soon.
For a couple months now, I've been having "Pinterest Sundays," where I make one recipe from Pinterest that I haven't tried yet. Not gonna lie, I think I've loved everything I've tried besides a lemon crab pasta. Ick.

This weekend I made Salsa Chicken Tacos in the crockpot. [Sorry, no pictures of my own, so I'm showing you the ones from the website I used for the recipe!] It was SUPER easy! You throw in chicken, salsa, and cream of chicken soup, let it cook for 4ish hours while you lay out in the sun, then mix it with sour cream and throw it on some tortillas! YUM!

The best part: I swapped out sour cream for plain greek yogurt, and the other people eating had no idea! Yay for healthy in the summertime!

I'm glad that I'm finally doing more things that girls are expected to do... but how weird is it that one weekend I post about getting shmammered on the water, and the next I spent being a housewife [without a ring]?!

Moral of the story: Try the salsa chicken. And spend $2 to organize your earrings.


PS: I also made the turquoise earrings you see here on the bottom row! I found them at Michael's under clearance for under $2, and took the earring hooks from other earrings I no longer had the matching earring for! BAM.

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