Thursday, July 5, 2012

pics: my 4th of july

Happy Day after 4th of July! How much are YOU dragging?! The only thing I have to say is: Thank goodness it's Thursday and we only have 2 days to work until the weekend.

My camera died while we were out on the water yesterday, but I managed to get a few pictures while we were floating at Chicks Beach, just like we did during Memorial Day Floatopia. This time we joined in with the "main group" to try out some rum ham, many flavors of jello shots, and meet some interesting characters.

You should notice that the dude in the bottom left has a real tattoo of the Statue of Liberty. America- F yeah. I also loved the other dude's helmet, the guys riding inflatable penguins/sharks, and you can see the guys who were tossing out the rum ham to everyone. It's exactly what it seems like- ham soaked in rum. And it was delicious. 

After floating all day, we did what all Americans should do on the 4th- grilled some grub. I got a new grill for my birthday so we popped that sucker's cherry. [and my friend Rob, who may have thought he was a grill master, burnt most of the food and the thermometer on my grill. It's not the 4th if you don't have a burnt hot dog, my roomie says.]

I'm also very proud to say that we walked all the way to the oceanfront [little over 2 miles from my house] to listen to a Michael Jackson cover band, see TONS of people, and watch the fireworks in front of a bright orange moon. It was pretty surreal. I still can't believe I live at the beach. [Not my pic, it's from, but it's what they looked like to me!]

What I learned this holiday: don't believe a man when he says he knows what he's doing, soak meat in dark liquor while candy and fruit is in vodka, and if you're going to walk 2 miles, have a ride back for when your legs get jiggly.


PS: Because I knew I'd be rocking the swimsuit all day, I dressed festive on Tuesday with a $4 blue/white striped tank from Forever 21, $10 jeans, 75 cent red and white polka dot flats from Wet Seal's clearance rack, and a $3 red necklace from Body Central. An $18 outfit? Hell yes!:

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