Tuesday, July 3, 2012

thank you for 1 million!

YOU GUYS!!!! I feel like I've been waiting forever for the moment my blog finally hit 1 million views, and I missed it! It happened last week during all the Real World premiere hoopla!

Anyway, I'm celebrating on the inside [and with a couple drinks tonight, duh], but I wanted to thank you for supporting me, this blog, all of its changes, hard times, Real World obsessions, and of course- all of the good times/posts.

A lot of people tell me they're amazed I still keep up with this thing. My response is always along the lines of "What?! Why WOULDN'T I?! In fact, I feel like I've let it go a little, and it bothers me!" This blog is me and my career. It's changed as I have changed, and as my job has changed. It may keep changing, but I don't plan on letting it die any time soon, so here's to 1 million more!

Take a look around, check out some posts you may have missed... see the difference in 2008 when I was getting 20 hits a day and now. And know that I love the ish out of you.

Thanks again! :)


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