Tuesday, June 26, 2012

celeb photoshoots in the 90s were terribly awkward

It's not like we've never noticed it before, but after looking at 41 pictures of proof, it's kinda crazy how ridiculous celebrities allowed themselves to look.

We'll never look at R-Gos the same again. Damnit.

Hey, Jenn, can you just look at ladylike as possible, please?

 I'm glad you're all happy and skinny and pretty but like, WHERE ARE YOU?!

Sexiest. Outfit. Ever. 

Followed by the sexiest hair ever. Hott damn.

And this outfit is just inexplicable, Sandra.  

Madonna, stop eating goldfish. PETA would eat you alive these days.

This strangely reminds me of Bieber's new haircut, on steroids. 

At least Demi Moore KNEW this glamour shot was not gonna be a good look.

 And then there's this. David Duchovny, what the h were you thinking?

Sure, there are some oddball ones out there these days.... but I really don't see us looking back on a bunch of them like we do these. Thankfully.


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