Monday, June 25, 2012

watch etv: messing with people on the beach

Last Friday, the head of Hotourage and Brandon started a new weekly tradition... heading down to the beach and just doing things with the people there! I figure- I have no idea how long I'll be able to live at the beach and be able to do something like this, so I have to take advantage of it, right?!

To kick things off, we went out and just messed with some randoms and had others do some challenges for us. Oh, and I asked everyone, without warning, when they last saw their parents naked.

Also, the thing that made ME geek out the most, was making Brandon lay out a towel and completely invade two girls' personal space. They were NOT happy about it.

I need to get a microphone so you can hear some of the things they're saying... freaking hysterical.

We're planning some pretty awesome things to do out there every week, so be on the lookout for us and come hang! [Minus this week cuz homegirl is going on a mini vaca!]

And if you have any ideas for challenges/dares for us or fun things we can do, tweet me! You know I never say no to a dare!


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