Tuesday, August 24, 2010

tunes on tuesday 082410

You ready for some new music?! I sure am!

Natasha Bedingfield--> Strip Me

I'm not CRAZY about this song, but I can definitely dig it... Lyrics are good, too.

The Ready Set--> Love Like Woe

This is the guy who performed at the MTV TJ finale! It's totally a teen-sensation song, but I can dig it... And I think a lot of people liked it at the finale.

BC Jean--> Just a Guy

It's a nice girl power anthem with a hint of sarcasm, which is just my style. The sound is iffy but maybe it'll grow on me.

Enrique Iglesias ft. Akon--> One Day at a Time

It's kinda "meh" to me, especially following "I Like It," but I'm assuming it's going to be played quite a bit.

Ne-Yo--> One in a Million

It's chill. It's nothing that made me wanting to pay attention to every word, but I enjoy Ne-Yo... that's no secret.

Shontelle--> Perfect Nightmare

I enjoy, yes I do.

YG--> Toot It and Boot It

Uhhh... I'm confused. Homeboy is mad cocky. Song started good... then he started rapping.

Joanna Smith--> Gettin' Married

The song is a lot more fun than you'd think. Girl is sassy! The recorded version is even better, obviously. I could enjoy this fun lil song.

Sorry, not a whole lot of country to share with you today! But without further ado, I shall give you the song everyone is talking about. Pardon my french, Mom... but it's called Fuck You... And it's by Cee-Lo and 50 Cent.

Amazing, amazing song. It's funny, but I legit love its sound. Bravo, boys.

That's all for now! Goodnight!


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