Tuesday, August 24, 2010

i'm no style expert BUT...

I'm a little nervous about this, but I just read in my People Style Watch mag that style is all about having confidence, so I'm doing it.

What am I doing? Starting to write a little about fashion.

I'm sure any girl who grew up in the gym can agree with me that if there's one thing we were never taught to understand, it's fashion. Our idea of nightlife fashion is jeans [if you're lucky] and a cool top... With flip flops, of course. Jewelry? Maybe the same earrings that we wear with every other outfit. Catch us during the day and there's a 99% chance we have a t-shirt or hoodie on.... and feel good about.

BUT... After all this blogging I've been doing for the past two [holy crap my anniversary is coming up!] years, I've learned to scope out some trends and try to apply them to me.

So today I welcome you to my journey to become something fashionable. Something people can look at and say "that's cute! I want that outfit!" It's gonna take some work, but it'll be fun.

Also- it's going to take a lot of bargains. I'm an extremely broke little girl, so deals are a must. Don't you worry.. I'll be sharing all the must-see sales with ya!

To kick things off, I thought I'd show ya what I did to an old dress this weekend. I've had this white dress since my high school graduation, and only worn it once since then. It's from my fat days, but I kept it thinking "some day I'll find a way to wear that." Finally, I did. It took a bit of creativity, but I think it worked!

It's normally a knee length, asymmetrical dress with this weird sash tie thing around the waist. It's hard to tell in the pictures, I know... but it's all I could find of the two times I wore it.

I saw this picture of Lauren Conrad [my style inspiration, duh] and wanted to try and recreate it... for free.

I folded over the top of my dress so that the length became shorter and the sash was a little under my boobs. I took the sash, brought it around, and tied it to the opposite side as usual, and tucked a little more of the "skirt" under it to make it symmetrical and shorter.

With my new go-to camel heels that I got on clearance at Shoe Dept and a yellow and brown necklace, I finished it off. [I also had a camel belt on with it for a little while, but thought it was too much.] VOILA! It's a whole new dress.

I've been trying to do this a lot with all my old clothes. If I'm going to keep them, I need to find a way to wear them. You should try it too! All those dresses that are loose but are tight around your butt and thighs- they're "totally out" right now, so tuck the tight part up around your belly and pair it with some great jeans! It's magic!

Like I said, I'm no pro at this, and I really don't know if you should take my advice at all..... but I'm going to tell you everything, because I'm learning, and I like sharing what I learn.

Your feedback is ALWAYS desired! Fellas- If you've read down this far, thank you. I'd also totally love your feedback too! It's you I'm trying to impress, after all.


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