Friday, July 9, 2010

intro to mtv tj challenge 2: i love the 90s

Holy cow we're already on challenge #2! BONKERS!

We're supposed to demonstrate something we're passionate about and spread our passion via hash-tag on Twitter.

My hash-tag to use like there's no tomorrow: #90sflashback.

I LOVE the 90s. I want it back. NOW!

I loved the pop culture of the 90s. The music is freakin' FANTASTIC. Life was a lot cleaner. There were a lot less worries in the world. I was a youngin' livin' the good life. Basically, everything was DA BOMB DIGGITY!!!

I thought it was so tight that I even have an hour of my radio show dedicated to only 90s music.

What I want you to do ALL WEEKEND and for as long as you want: Remember the 90s. What did you like about it?! What do you miss?! Tweet about it! Tweet about it all! Just remember to include #90sflashback!

BONUS: If you click someone's #90sflashback link, it's like a chat or a game! You can see what everyone else is saying!

Here are some pictures to begin your journey down memory lane:

Feel free to leave comments here, links to pictures, anything you'd like if you don't have Twitter!!! BUT... my participation with this challenge will be 98% Twitter based, so click here to watch all the action!

This is going to be a fun weekend! YAY!


PS: Another announced challenge is "ongoing"... We have to be news-breakers on one topic for the duration of the competition. I've been your Real World go-to girl for over a year now, and it ain't stoppin'.

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