Thursday, July 8, 2010

playing meet elizabethany on morning candy

Because today's ridiculously crazy for me, I didn't think I'd manage to get anything else posted for the first challenge but Frito helped me out this morning on his show here at Candy95.

For two hours we campaigned for more Twitter followers and played "Meet elizabethany."

Listeners called and texted in and I answered everything... Including things like posing for Playboy, my football loyalty, which hand I wipe with, who from Hollywood I'd take on a road trip with me, and ton more I can't begin to remember now.

Two parts! Two podcasts! Load em on your iPod and enjoy! [They're totally available on iTunes!]
[I'm embedding my entire podcast channel below so you can check everything out if you wish.]

Still feel free to send me any questions however you'd like! Thanks again SO SO much for the support! You guys are uh.may.zing.


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