Wednesday, July 7, 2010

mtv tj: challenge 1

11AM today was the moment I've been waiting for! It was even crazier than I thought!

Anyway, our first challenge is WHO AM I?!

The goal: To express who I am as a person to the world.... [Without boring them]
What needs to happen: [People need to love who I am.] More Twitter followers overnight than ever.

Because it's hard for me to come out and state who I am without sounding like a boring professional or something, I decided to do a few things... I shall present them without further ado.

First of all, I'm elizabethany, dangit! I've always said there's only room for one of me in the world.

Second, I think my videos describe me better than I could in words... Somehow I squeezed them all in under two minutes. [Not joking]

Third, photo galleries. Isn't there an old saying you don't truly know someone until you know their past?! Well, I absolutely believe that. Take a look at EB through the years... Including photographic evidence that I used to be the fat girl. Hmph. Also evidence that I haven't changed a bit.

Fourth, I asked my followers/readers/etc that have been following me for a little while what the world MUST know about me ASAP. Here are your responses:

[Thank you everyone for responding. I love all of the responses. You're all amazing!]

Finally, for those of you who are new to this blog, there are a couple of things you should skim through to get caught up and know what the h I'm talking about.
  • I have a Slutty Cat who I recently took from her Baby Daddy and uncle/lover.
  • I stalked the Real World: DC, and it's likely the reason I have this opportunity. You won't regret checking out my adventures.
  • I love anything Asian when it comes to the Internet.
  • Two females I would go gay for because I think they're just amazing: Britney Spears and Ellen DeGeneres.
  • I'm a 90s freak. I love everything from the 90s, especially the music... Hence my 90's Dance Party hour on Candy95.
  • I don't really refer to anyone by name... everyone in my life has a specific "BFF" name on here.
  • When I mention "The DMV," I'm referring to my hometown area of DC, Maryland, and VA.
  • If I don't like someone in Hollywood, you're going to know it pretty quickly. I don't care if I'm being a hater for no reason. They put themselves in the spotlight to get scrutinized.
  • I've got the attitude of a guy, but the appearance of a girl trying to be hip. I love sharing my double perspective with you.
I think that's it. If anyone has anything to add, please do!

And besides my weekly Real World chats that add in the "uniting and bringing people together through social media" aspect of this challenge, I'd say I've pretty much covered all the bases.

But please... If there's something you don't understand or what to know, ASK ME! I'm about as honest and uncensored as a girl can be.

By the way- It's nice to meet you!


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Anonymous said...

Um...I don't see any "fat girl" pictures. Lies!