Wednesday, October 7, 2009

nifty: the booty pop

Alright ladies... It's time to give up that Wonder Bra and get something that will make the boys go crazy. Boobs: So 1999. Great asses: the in thing.

You may have thought that the only things that could make you have a great butt is surgery or an amazing pair of jeans.


I introduce to you... The Booty Pop. Padded undies of many styles that will make turn your blah butt into an awesome ass! It's even got all the celebs talking about it!

....Yes... I am just as "WTF" as you are right now... And you haven't even seen this commercial for it yet:

I mean.. Wow... I just had no idea it was THAT easy to get a bigger butt! I guess I need to get one of these things so I can get all the boys hollerin', eh?!

I could probably combine a Booty Pop with a Wonder Bra, a tummy tucker thing, and those thigh-slimming panty-hose things and BAM! I'd become a Barbie in no time!

In case you're interested, these suckers are STARTING at $28... But who's to say that's a lot?! It's way cheaper than implants! They also have all sorts of different types with FULL pop or or just half of it. Their sizes: Sweet, Sweeter, and Sweetest.

Okay. I'm officially speechless. Ellen.. Please.. PLEASE buy these for you, your guests, and the audience... It would be a hilarious show, I know it.


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