Wednesday, October 7, 2009

watch: the first 5 minutes of the princess and the frog

This is so exciting! They've released the first five minutes of the newest Disney classic- The Princess and the Frog!!!

There's still some animation and coloring to be completed even within this 5 minutes, but it's cool to see it being worked on, and even cooler to watch the very beginning!

Ummm.... I'M PUMPED!!!!

After all these years, it absolutely has a classic-Disney feel to it. I was worried about that, but it's going to be good!

I'm wondering how this will pan out. I feel like it might pull somewhat of a Lion King on us with little Tiana's parents dying or something bad happening, but who knows.

It seems pretty stereotypical, but again, it's Disney.

So uh... PLEASE hurry and get the full movie out in theaters, Disney! I'm waiting impatiently. Mid-December is so far away.


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