Wednesday, October 7, 2009

morning hangover 100709

Hello! Happy Hump Day, my friends!

I know, I know... It's not exactly "the morning" anymore... But there's a such thing as an afternoon hangover, right?! Plus, I have tons of links to share with you so it's better late than never, I hear.

  • A great way to tell if this person you're on a first date with is a good match: Their foodology.
  • Another website where people share hilarious, every day stories... But this time it's about their terrible in-laws.
  • Ever notice a discontinuity in a movie? I do all the time and it's annoying.. But here are some funny ones.
  • Speaking of movies.. Did you ever notice how Disney movies not only have sexual innuendos, but also very racist characters?
  • The Spice Girls are reuniting again!!! Sans one of the more popular Girls...
  • Ladies: This is what you should say to compliment your man's junk.
  • Fellas: This is how you compliment your lady's hoo-ha.
  • It's official... Someone has seen a real alien in real life.
  • Best drive-thru in the US goes to Chic-fil-a
  • Headline: Sex Doll Screws Traffic On 60 Freeway.
  • Some of your favorite healthy food may actually put you in more risk than do you good.
  • Clever, but kinda gross. I hate this word.
  • Have you seen how HOTT "Smart Guy" Tahj Mowry is now?! Mmm Mmm Mmm... Growing up did him good.
  • Jon Gosselin is a really smart guy and a great speller.
  • The Ed Hardy Boys and the case of the missing sick buckle.... Right on point.

  • This one leaves me speechless... Can someone just give him his chicken before he plops on everyone?!

There we are for today's hangover! I hope you're making it through your day smoothly!


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