Tuesday, October 6, 2009

tunes on tuesday 100609

WOOHOO! It's that time again! Tuesdays are my favorite days sometimes because I get to do this post...

Break out your downloading equipment and let's get started!

Britney Spears--> 3

Of course I'm starting out with Britney. Some of you have probably heard it a million times already, but some of you haven't. It's Britney, it's good, I love it. Duh.

Allison Iraheta--> Friday I'll Be Over You

Remember her from this past season of American Idol?! I have complete faith that she's going to be the first rocker chic to come from the show. She can sing her ass off, she's cute, she's different but also has a very mainstream sound. Get used to her, I think you're going to hear a lot from her.

Ke$ha--> Tik Tok

Ah. Her voice is terribly annoying and I want to punch her in the face. It's a cool song, and I like the lyrics and the comedy of it, but... Her voice. Help. Please don't play this too much, radio music directors....

Boys Like Girls ft. Taylor Swift--> Two Is Better Than One

Interesting combo! I'm surprised to say that I like this song. It's a little sad, but I'm totally diggin' the collabo here.

Shwayze--> Get U Home

This guy hasn't sold me or made me dislike him yet. It's a... Mmmm.. Okay song. The lyrics are raunchy and fun, for sure. They may reel me in.

OneRepublic--> All The Right Moves

I'm rooting for these guys mainly because I think Timbaland got too much credit for "Apologize." This song isn't bad. I don't think it'll be nearly as huge, but it's not bad at all.

Chamillionaire--> Good Morning

Ummm... I love it. I love that everyone is sampling old, really great songs. Love the lyrics, too. I'm sure tons of people will be quoting this song all the time for Facebook status updates.

Creed--> Rain

A lot of people are Creed haters... Not I. And two words for ya: They're BAAACCCKKKKKK.

Cobra Starship--> Hot Mess

I think I kinda like these Cobra Starship people. Another funny song and it's catchy. I enjoy.

Because Country people are all sorts of copyrighted, I have nothing for this week... Or at least not today. I'll see what I can do on another day!

Enjoy the new playlist!


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