Friday, September 4, 2009

morning hangover 090409

Good morning!! Because it's FRIDAY [WOOHOO!] and you probably need an extra boost to make it to the weekend, and I didn't get this up yesterday, this should be a pretty hefty post.

  • Kathy Griffin is channelling her inner Kate Gosselin, and it's hilarious.
  • There's a portable urinal, or pee bag if you will, for women. It's pretty disgusting and resembles a weed leaf for some reason.
  • If you thought redheads couldn't be hott, you're wrong! Here are 101 of them! I wonder if it includes my ginger ex-roommate?
  • Consider this your guide to living a good single life, or the things you should have done when you were single. Or... Things you'd do if you re-lived the single life.
  • It may be old news to some, but for those not in the DMV- You should know we are home to a real-life TJ Henderson. Well, okay.. Howard University is.
  • I thought kids stealing cars was something only seen in movies but apparently not.
  • Ever wonder if you're a huge d-bag? No worries, you can find out by comparing yourself to these 10 signs.
  • Need some help getting some ladies this weekend? Here are five things we can't resist.
  • On the contrary, here are things that are immediate turn-offs. [Preview of last night's Vibe Show podcasts to be posted later today!]
  • I thought I had bad luck but I was wrong. This lady got arrested 3 times.. In ONE DAY!
  • Ladies: Print this out and give it to you man. It's your PMS Bill Of Rights.
  • Madonna's little girl Lourdes isn't so little anymore... And she's looking more and more like her mom every day.
  • I love chimps. I love animals. I love different animals pairing up. These two are amazing.
  • What does the Texas State Fair have to offer you? How about deep fried butter?! Mmmm...
  • Sometimes it's better to use your noggin and think of what would make your team actually look better, than what matches or what someone else may think is a good idea.
  • This is creepy, but what it represents is so ridiculously great and hilarious.
  • If one picture could accurately sum up the 90s, I think this would be it
  • You remember the "Harold and the Purple Crayon" book? It was one of my favorites, and they're trying to turn it into a movie. I am 100% supporting this idea, but it definitely needs some work.

  • I always thought cats hated water, but this one loves taking a shower in the sink and drinking the water. How smart! Multitasking!

  • Want an Apple computer? How about a whole store of them? Grab a couple friends and give yourself 31 seconds because apparently that's all you need.

Everyone enjoy your LONG weekend!!! I know I will!

BUG OUT at Old Dominion Speedway on Sunday in Manassas, VA!! It's a HUGE VW event that I and my family race at! Come check out some VWs and the Ploger Racing Team!!

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