Wednesday, September 2, 2009

morning hangover 090209

Good morning! It's Hump Day, my friends! Let me help get you over the hump!

  • Some people like food so much, they get it tattooed on their body. I wonder how many of them were wasted when they got them.
  • This is totally absurd and NSFW, but I'm sharing it anyways. This website turns ladies' faces into their boobs.
  • So Disney bought out Marvel. I wonder what crossovers will occur now...?
  • Think your party photos are good enough to stick around for generations?! I did... Until I saw these from way back when.
  • These are 10 of the hottest wifeys in Hip Hop. Hint: A lot of them have a big, if not bigger, name for themselves than their boo. Spoiler: #1= Amber Rose, who used to date a certain RWDC roommate.
  • Finding teenage diaries is always fun. Reading others' teenage diaries is even more fun.
  • Legislators work really hard... I have no idea how they get through those super long meetings.
  • This guy just had the best day he's had in a while.
  • Chubby Hubby is now called Hubby Hubby in support of gay marriage.
  • I want to be a little girl in this day and age! I never got this super sweet limo for my Barbies!! UNFAIR!
  • You can't just go skydiving and buy the video these days. You have to do something better... Like get a tattoo mid-freefall.

  • In case you were wondering, this is what a food fight looks like in super slow-mo...

  • Forget T-Pain and SNL... These guys are on a NAVY boat!

Alright guys... I will have more for you later today! Have a stupendous day!


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