Sunday, March 1, 2009

blonde hotties

I stumbled upon AIM's 100 Hottest Blondes today.... And I must say, I'm VERY unhappy with the list.

Some of the people they picked are okay, and I'm alright with their placements. Some, not so much.

First of all... The Olsen Twins. They have Ashley as #91 and Mary-Kate as #82. Tell me.. Do you think MK is hotter than Ashley?! I do not. They even put LiLo ahead of her. Not okay.

Also, Kristen Bell is number 99. She's flippin' gorgeous. That's way too low of a number. Brittany Snow is only 79. Pam Anderson is ahead of her, at 73, and they use this picture to state their case.... Hmmm...

Whitney Port (#58), Kristin Cavalieri (#90), and Heidi Montag (#26) all made it in there, but no sightings of star LC. Weird?

Amanda Bynes is only #51, with Aubrey O'Day being way ahead of all of the before-mentioned people at #42. WHAT! AND Brooke Hogan is ahead of ALL of them at 32, with PARIS at 28. Oh, and Kendra Wilkinson is 27, and Bridget is 24. Because she's definitely hotter than all of these people...........

Rat lookalike Taylor Swift made it above Kate Winslet (#21) to get the 17 spot. After her, I was okay with the selection. Reese Witherspoon, Blake Lively and Hayden Pannettiere followed. But then, HilDuff and Holly Madison made out with #11 and #10.. Interesting. Then it was okay again with Carrie Underwood and Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson and Heidi Klum.

The top 3 killed me though. Anna Faris, Victoria Silvstedt, and SCARLETT JOHANSSON!

Seriously... Are these girls REALLY the hottest blondes they could think of?! Whoever made this list must have been drinking and forgot to take off their drunk goggles. Clearly they saw something I'm not.

My girl Britney was only #36 [although, I'm glad she was at least included] and Ellen isn't even on the list!

I'm going to have to redo this how I think for this week or something. Maybe I'll do a section of brunettes and red-heads, too. Suggestions are welcome.

AIM... You just lost all credibility for doing top-whatever lists. Congratulations.


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Anonymous said...

umm i totally looked at this list today too and was completly outraged! i agree with all the stuff you said. they did a pretty terrible job!