Sunday, March 1, 2009

did this really happen

Sometimes, you just don't want to hear anymore about the bad economy, people dying in the war, or people getting murdered... I get that.

But... Hmmm... Does that mean news people should give up on reporting anything and just waste a little airtime?

Sure, everyone loves a good dance party... But this one, is just plain awkward, and I'm bothered by it:

Did you catch the "I'll make like a squirrel I just want a nut"?!?! [Or something like that..] If this was really on TV.. Is that appropriate?! Just wondering..

I still am just a little in shock. But this is hilarious. If I would have seen this on my TV, I think I would have just froze, and then died laughing. These people were so serious!

Oh news reporters and anchors, you SERIOUSLY NEVER cease to amaze me... And I can't wait to be just like you.


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