Sunday, March 1, 2009

one big fish

What would you consider to be a big fish? Or maybe even a big sting ray?

I feel like if I heard about a 100 or 200 pound sting ray, I'd think it was pretty big.. Then I learned that's nothing compared to what was caught this week.

The largest freshwater fish EVER caught was brought out of the water in Thailand... And it was a sting ray.

How much did it weigh?! A whopping 772 POUNDS!!! Woah.

It took 13 people to actually reel it in, and when they did, they measured it to be 7 feet wide and 7 feet long. The stinger was TEN FEET LONG!!!

Oh.. And the kicker... She was prego!

They let her back in the water after measuring and taking pictures [Duh..]. But she better have been a nice sting ray because 10 feet could kill a LOT of people/things.

Seriously.. Can you imagine seeing that sucker if you were snorkeling or something? Forget sharks! THAT'S going to make me freak out.


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