Tuesday, November 11, 2008

tunes on tuesday 111108


"Kill the Lights"

Wow, I'm not a fan of the beginning of the song, but I can get down with the rest of it!! :) It's very much like a lot of her recent things, which makes me reallllly hope that there is going to be SOMETHING different on December 2. Either way, it's another good song to dance to from BritBrit.. And she's making a comeback. :) And she does the little laugh at the end that she used to do a lot! Maybe that's a good sign?!

Christina Aguilera--> Dynamite

Hmm, she did the whole computer-sound thing. Of all people, Christina doesn't need to do this. It's not as extreme as say Kanye, but there's a hint of it and I'm not sure how I feel about it. It's a fun song, a dance-tune, but honestly... It could be on Britney's album I feel.. And I think the whole having similar songs as each other things ended in the 90s. So, good song, but not for Christina, I guess.

Beyonce--> Radio

Again, the whole computer-ific background/beat. All of these songs could be on the same album. At least she's still using her actual voice.. Not messed with. And even though I'm normally a Beyonce-hater, I do like this song. It's a listen-to-in-the-car type song. It can get you pumped for things, maybe. Not bad. But don't tell anyone I said that... ;)

Kat DeLuna--> Am I Dreaming?

Okay, the beginning, before the words, sounds like I'm about to jump into a video game.. And it doesn't exactly stop. Her voice is amazing; she sounds a lot like Mariah in a lot of parts. I like the words, too.. But as for it all coming together, it didn't. Probably why I haven't heard of her.

Usher--> At the Time

OMG I'M SO EXCITED!!! I've never NOT liked something from Usher, but I wasn't loving anything recently.. Not like his old stuff anyways. I LOVE this song. Everything about it. That's all I have to say.

Akon ft. Kardinal Offishall and Colby O'Donis--> Beautiful Remix

beautiful - akon ft kardinal offishall & colby odonis

Apparently there are TONS of remixes of this song, but I really like this one out of them all. Another up-beat type of song that will put you in a good mood, and has decently good lyrics. :) Plus, Akon is the man. We've already established this.

I'm excited about today's selection! Hope you are too! Now holler at whatever you use to download them and get to it! ;)


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