Tuesday, November 11, 2008

13 year old superstar?!

Move over, Soulja Boy, there's a new, young rapper hittin' the scene now.

His name is Scooter Smiff [Because his real last name is Smith...........]. Not sure if I'm completely behind in hearing about him or not, but it's pretty amazing.

He's 13 years old, and has already recorded a song AND video with Chris Brown! It's called "Head of my Class." -->

The video is so cute! If a rap video can be cute, anyways. He has all of his little friends in it and stuff. And he can dance! That's always a plus, duh.

I mean, the kid is only 13.. Probably hasn't hit puberty, and he sounds like it. But, HE'S THIRTEEN! He's like a new Lil Bow Wow or something. He's good, but he's a kid. Give him a couple years and... Yikes, we might be seeing our future right here. :-P

The kid has already been featured in magazines and on BET, so he's well on his way. I'm sure Chris is taking him in like a lil bro too.. He didn't start out when he was THAT much older.

I'm interested to see what you can do, boy! Good luck!


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