Monday, May 1, 2017

photo diary: hosting the redskins draft day pre-party

On Saturday, I got to host the Redskins' Draft Day Dash party for the second time, and I was a giant fangirl the entire time. YOU KNOW I'm a die hard Redskins fan who even followed them to London just to watch a tie... and in college, I had a Redskins kitchen with two posters- Santana Moss and Clinton Portis.

Those two players were the ones who shared the stage with me this weekend and I was geeking out. Of course I told them about the posters, and I stuttered the entire time I was trying to talk. I was shaking when I took the selfie... and the moment Santana put his arm around me on stage, I nearly fainted.

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The best part was when I told the entire crowd of ~3,000 people that the guys made me scream extra loud last night. Accidental sex joke for the win.

After I was done geeking [and when everyone started running which I absolutely do not do], I went inside the stadium for the Draft Day party and ended up in the swanky suite section where other players were walking around.

Cue more fangirling for DJ Swearinger and Josh Doctson.

And in case you didn't know, you can also take a tour of the locker room, kick field goals, drink, party, etc as a normal human being with free entrance if you go to this annual party.

I'm still kinda geeking out just looking back at all of this. I assume I'm close enough with Clinton and Santana for them to come to my birthday party in a month, right?! Cool.



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