Thursday, June 2, 2016

the truth behind my sonogram

Hi, I'm Elizabethany. I go to sleep at 3am on an EARLY night. I normally try to sleep til 10, doctor's orders.

Today, I was woken up when my phone came out of silent mode because it thought there was an emergency going on with all of my notifications. Turns out, everyone wanted to congratulate me on my pregnancy thanks to this post.

My GRANDMOTHER got excited. My BEST FRIENDS asked why they didn't know before anyone else. My MOM said "Whose is it?!?!"

..... great, Mom.

I don't know if everyone had a case of the mornings or what but it made me lose my mind a bit.

I'm STILL baffled by how many texts I kept getting throughout the day. The people of the Internet seriously need to check their gullibility levels.

I can promise you I'm not scaring this world with a little EB ANY TIME SOON. No matter how much my family [insanely] begs.


They also hacked into my email, by the way.... sending emails about me dropping MASSIVE deuces. If you wanna see me barge in on the Kane Show, and then discover the emails and read them outloud, skip to 23:00 in this video.



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