Wednesday, September 16, 2015

riding the capital wheel with natalie la rose

Just like when we brought MKTO to a fan's house for a backyard sesh, and a tour of DC with Tori Kelly, we've been trying to provide experiences for people that they'll never forget.

Natalie La Rose came to town and we decided to take her to the Capital Wheel at the Harbor and do a little singalong at the top.

Originally I figured we'd have her sing her songs and stare in awe, but then something else magical* happened. We all sang the national anthem while going around.

*not sure if magical is the word, but you be the judge.

We then went to lunch and let these two winners ask her anything, grub on whatever they wanted, and just have a beautiful afternoon at the Harbor. Not a bad Wednesday.

It feels good to meet people and see them with the stare of "wow, what is happening." It's also pretty neat to see DC from on top of a ferris wheel.

And just in case you're interested in outfit details:

-basic F21 top
-Express shorts that can be worn into the winter because of the material
-shoes from Ross
-simple F21 gold necklace


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