Thursday, September 10, 2015

wearing: bohemian boyfriend

My dresser drawers are literally breaking because they're too full, I have to get new hangers every time I go to the store, and yet I'm constantly buying new clothes. I blame the purple hair and needing a new wardrobe. 

I've been getting a lot from which is a bit of a gamble. I've kept maybe half of the stuff, but it's pretty cheap and the quality is hit or miss. 

I got this top the other day and I'm pretty into it. It's different and flowy and makes me feel a little sexy because of the side boob action [assuming I had side boob to show.... let's be honest].

I go through phases where I really like my boyfriend jeans, even if I'm not totally sure how to style them. This is one of those times in my life. I probably need to find some better fitting ones, but they're just so comfortable and life is about figuring things out- right?!

-top from SheIn
-boyfriend jeans from NY&Co
-sandals from Kohls
-big blue earrings from a boutique at the beach

Next time there will be heels involved but let's be real: They're not that fun to wear all day in the office when you don't have to.


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