Tuesday, September 8, 2015

exclusive interview: danni and i talked to kevin hart

This job really knows how to make sure I'm on my toes sometimes.

This morning was a struggle after a long weekend, and I was in the studio talking to Danni about some real serious ish when suddenly the phone rings and "Hi, I have Kevin Hart on the line for you."

Oh. Mild panic set in, and we obviously went forward with the interview someone else had set up while Googling like maniacs trying to figure out what he could be calling to promote.

What ended up happening was a conversation about why there is brail in drive thrus, his habit of walking into other people's hotel rooms, and what he's most proud of. The dude is clearly awesome.

Radio... throwing curveballs when all you [think you] wanna handle is a straight down the middle slow pitch.


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