Thursday, August 27, 2015

wearing: black and white jacquard curtains

Okay, so maybe I'm not wearing curtains, but this dress matches my bedroom so it feels like it.

It's ironic that I'm posting this outfit because I have had this dress for two years and never once worn it. I always thought it was way too big, but I guess that's the beauty in gaining some weight. [which to be honest- is why I haven't been posting. Sigh]

Someone was finally around to take a couple pictures, in an empty mall parking lot, and now here we are.
Because I never know how to pose.... [Don't even bother blowing it up looking for my underwear. I already did, sucka.]

It's a little wide, but it's really so comfortable. There are cinches right under the boobs and right above the butt to create "shape," but I felt like I was swimming in it before. Now I'm just confused about how I should accessorize this pattern. 
-dress from Forever21
-booties from Marshalls
-Kendra Scott earrings [c/o]
-necklace from Forever21
-total cost: $40ish

Funny thing is, I wore the same earrings and booties with another outfit last time I got a new dress, this one from Express [clearance, holla!]

[NOT "HOLLA" for phone mirror selfies as good outfit pics. I need a roommate... or a trainer for Slutty so she can take the pics and not try to be in all of them.]

Real talk about something I really don't wanna hear any response to unless it's motivation to get my ass in the gym- as much as people say it doesn't matter what we look like when we're in radio, I've been suffering in Struggle City with my weight this summer, yet not doing a damn thing about it. For a couple months I felt like I was busting my ass in the gym, eating healthy, and still gaining weight. I decided to just give up on the effort. What I've come to accept is that I think I'm hitting my "woman body" and it's going to be harder to work off this weight than in the past. I need to stop eating free food just because it's free, and stop believing people when they say I look fine because I don't feel fine. That's ultimately what's important. It's also important to get back to posting and hustling and making dreams come true so if you see me eating 3700+ calories in a night, kick my ass. Thanks, love ya, bye.


PS: Working all the angles works all the wonders.


Panty Buns said...

It's nice to read that I'm not the only one to use weight (and in my case being out of shape) as a lame excuse for not posting - however you DO post and you look like you're in fabulous shape. You got some serious air in that first photo. Damn, I am a sucka, I was hoping to see panties - but I since I've failed to model new panties myself recently (I meant to)... oh well.
Your baroque print Forever21 dress is pretty, your "woman body" looks great, and your hair is beautiful!!! You look lovely in both outfits!

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Unknown said...

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