Tuesday, September 29, 2015

photo diary: the summer in which i wasted no time

Do you ever make a bucket list for things? Sometimes it seems so silly, or it might feel more like a to do list than a checklist of fun things, but I've found it helps me actually get things done that I want to do.

Now that I'm working 6 days a week, the thought of wasting any time just sitting around alone freaks me out. I do enough sitting alone at the studio throughout the week. When the weekend is here, I want to do ALL THE ACTIVITIES. It might become too much when I'm cussing out friends for being "the lamest," but like.... I'm just trying to make their life better. They should thank me for teaching them a hard lesson.

For summer 2015, I set out to:
  • Attend a festival
  • See an outdoor movie
  • Explore Georgetown's waterfront/paddleboard
  • Waterpark
  • A DC pool party
  • Tubing/floating the river
  • Boating
  • Make alcoholic popsicles [I've had the molds FOREVER]
  • National Harbor at sunset
All of that, along with the regular summer activities like going to the beach, country concerts, as many pool days as possible, etc. I achieved 5 1/2.... which is a little upsetting, but I had zero extra time, so I'm walking away mostly satisfied. It's like a good romp, but you know there's better out there somewhere. 

Because I can't pretend like I have a cool life without all the pictures to prove it, a few of my favorite moments:

Checked off the pool party right away when they handed me alcohol and a microphone on the roof of a hotel in Dupont on Memorial Day [and again on Labor Day]!

My two friends who [separately] added MARRIED to their life status.

Turning the station into CARLY 99.5 as we helped her find a bone marrow donor. UPDATE: She got the transplant!

Taking Tori Kelly and some listeners on a tour of DC!

My birthday party with some very important people has to be on here, duh.

My first camp-out/overnight festival! Big Barrel in Delaware was a wet mess of incredible fun and country music.

July's trip: Staying on a boat in KEY WEST for 4th of July and my best friend's 30th!

Turns out the outdoor movie idea was a bit tough to get through when the sun is beating down on you at 95 degrees... but still got to hang out at the beautiful Harbor!

Giving out free ice cream every Friday became even cooler when I got to surprise my dad at his office with the treats and my stilts!

Mama Plog got the special treatment when I took her to her first meet and greet so she could fangirl over how hott they were. 

Being AT Pride is awesome... helping HOST it- real honor making me feel real cool.

My second date with Sam Hunt, obviously a highlight. I mean LOOK AT THIS PICTURE. Oh MAH GAWD. 

The start of eating as many calories as possible at the county fair because what the hell else are you supposed to do when you're broadcasting live from there?!

Oh right, you also ride rides after eating all the calories.

Spent several days stalking my brother at National's Park.

Another successful PLOGERPALOOZA at the parents' humble abode. Getting grown adults in a group picture is significantly different from even just a couple years younger.

Wouldn't be a complete summer without proving that I can still hold myself upside down in the sand for at least one whole second.

And when you have mermaid hair, you must have a mermaid photoshoot.

I got my brother and dad a ziplining trip for CHRISTMAS. We finally completed it because I'm a good daughter/sister. 

And my most favorite summer moment: Spur of the moment slip n slide kickball.

[That's Mikey.]

The reason this is my favorite moment: I had seen viral videos of this and always wanted to try it, but never knew how to get it going. On the final day of summer, I'm scrolling through Facebook and see [what I think is] a stranger post a picture of them setting it up. I say I want to play, and he sends me an address. 

I was already out with friends, and had more plans for the rest of the day.... but I showed my main PIC, my bro, a pic of it and he immediately said we needed to go. So we did. I drove an hour to some person's house and played the most fun game ever and made some new friends. [I ended up learning later that I had met the guy who invited me during a rather... not-so-memorable night... woops.]

It was more proof that I should say yes to things, even if I think I can't. The plans I had for that evening could be post-poned a little bit for some epic memories and stories and Snapchat videos. 

Why make excuses for yourself to not have fun? Why prevent yourself from making memories? Your couch can wait. That show, the errands, the relaxation...it can all be done at a later time. 

And while I'm getting all deep or whatever you call this, I should add that the end of summer brings a genuine sadness to me every year. I don't want to go as far as calling it seasonal depression, but I really do have a hard time coping with it. It's looking back at my crossed off bucket list and writing a new one that have helped me this year. 

Now I need to find a way to get in ALL THE FOOTBALL and ALL THE FALL ACTIVITIES into my one day off a week. I have all the confidence.

Summer, I love you...

Until next year's list. 


PS: If you have any ideas for a FALL bucket list, send em my way, duh!

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