Tuesday, September 2, 2014

video: playing "heads up" with mkto

MKTO has now hung out with me/my stations three times, and I had to switch things up again. I had some dares I really wanted to do, but since we already did the stilts thing, I figured we'd play a little of Ellen's "Heads Up" app.

I downloaded the 90s deck because of their "Classic" references, and figured I'd rock it.... I was wrong.

*sigh* I'm so embarrassed by how terrible I was! And that I got too excited to remember to save Tony's video on my phone because his "Thighmasters" face was unbelievable.

Also.. I've always thought they were talented, but seriously- how great is Tony's voice?! I wish we had the entire performance posted to show you, but hopefully soon. Props to them for making sure every one of their fans in our studio had tickets to the show, too.

[Outfit details: yellow tee from Target, white lace skirt from Forever 21, leopard bracelet/watch from Charlotte Russe]


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