Wednesday, August 27, 2014

wearing: little red country dress

I don't this dress is meant to be "country," but when I paired it with my booties, I felt like a dressed up cowgirl for some reason. 

It came from the clearance rack at Forever21, and if you don't have a little red dress that's perfect for any occasion [you can dress it up or down], your closet is missing out. 

-F21 dress
-Charlotte Russe wraparound bracelet/watch
-Old Navy booties
-BlueLans earrings
-Urban Decay lipstick from Ipsy
-total outfit: about $30

I didn't realize how see-through the back was... luckily I wore a red bra. I'm sure all the new coworkers I met that day immediately thought "slut in red" though.

This baby is going to carry over into the fall/winter nicely. Pair it with a little black leather jacket? Yes please!

People are always complaining about how making their wardrobe "look expensive" is impossible on their budget. I don't think I necessarily look expensive, but I doubt anyone thinks I spend as little on my outfits as I do unless they follow my blog. It makes me proud, really. 


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