Thursday, August 21, 2014

show podcasts: dc things and books about exes

I really need to get better about saving/posting parts of my show. People have been asking, and I'm paying for a podcast service that I never use anymore!

SO... I had my interns put together a couple quick topics from this week.

LOVED this topic, especially online... If you were to write a book about your exes, what would it be called? There's a super secret thing about me in here that I've never told the Internet. It could make things real interesting.

Then there was this list about things DC people know to be true, that I thought was complete BS.. so I asked some peeps, duh.

And finally... a dude left $21,000 on his truck and drove away... making me feel better about losing my wallet [and beloved four leaf clover] the other week. Other people also helped me feel better.

I promise to be better about these!! Well, if you want me to be anyway. I should really start saving the whole show because sometimes what I say while "talking to myself" is just more outrageous than when people call.


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Unknown said...

A book about my ex huh??? I would call it, "Beyond the bedroom"