Thursday, June 5, 2014

this or that?: which kimono outfit works best?

I tried to resist shopping during Memorial Day weekend.... but knowing all the sales, I really couldn't. One thing I got was this kimono from Charlotte Russe. It was on my "to get" list for a couple weeks. 

The color is perfect, it's super light, but when I first put it on, I realized they're not the most flattering pieces of clothing. That's why I had to come up with some options before I decided to keep it. 

This entire option [which I actually wore to work] is straight out of Charlotte Russe, minus the purple pants from F21 and bracelet from BlueLans. 

 With the fun colors in the kimono, it makes it extra fun for make-up. The shadow was actually a lot more purple than it shows here, but oh well. 

This could totally be my birthday outfit, or something for a girls day out, right?! Even though there's no pink in the kimono, I love how the colors work together. 
-skirt is from F21
-cropped cami from H&M
-bracelet was a hand-made gift
-necklace from F21
-booties also from F21

And now for the most simple outfit, even with mis-matched patterns. 
-tank from Old Navy
-shorts from Kohls
-sandals from GoJane
-earrings from the beach

I think I'll keep it! I also tried it with a white skater dress, which was okay, but I think it's best paired with form-fitting options. Also- picking a necklace always seemed to be difficult. I wanted to wear a shorter, chunkier, colorful necklace... but never felt good about it.

Which is your favorite look?

And of course, any of your opinions are always wanted in these posts!


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Panty Buns said...

Your kimono looked pretty styled in all three outfits but I cast my vote for the outfit with the white cropped cami and the (magenta?) Bodycon skirt. I did like the purple colour of the pants (and when you wrote "minus the pants" and "work" I thought of "No Pants Day") but I really love the feminine look the skirt adds to your outfit and you look like you're in fantastic shape so the crop top cami looks lovely on you.

K said...

I refuse to vote because I think it looks awesome with ALL of the outfits. Now I want to go buy a kimono (and lose my belly).