Wednesday, June 4, 2014

truth or dare with magic!

Ya know that song "Rude?!" Well, the four guys who bring us that go by the name MAGIC! and stopped in the studio for an interview and Truth or Dare.

I had to thank them for being responsible for the resurgence of boy bands [seriously, it's all thanks to the lead singer Nazri], and I've decided to bring up the bullied past of artists because I think it's something they all go through growing up and even today.

There was no need to ask if the song was about a true story, they let me know that it wasn't as soon as they walked in the room and introduced themselves. They were very adamant about avoiding questions other people have asked.

Then we did a pretty quick Truth or Dare. I REALLY need to come up with some new ideas for these. I tend to think of things relating to the band/artist specifically, but I think I should start getting more random. Still, it's hilarious to see the duet every time.

[Sorry about the quality. We were working with different equipment and to be honest, it's the reason I took a couple weeks to get this up. but... I spent time kinda editing it, so might as well share it, right?!]

If you have any idea for a good dare for upcoming artists, holler at a girl!


PS here's their performance of "Rude"


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