Friday, May 30, 2014

interview: jeff timmons of 98 degrees and men of the strip

I had a major life moment today, y'all. I got to talk to Jeff from 98 Degrees. If you woulda told me back when I went to my first ever concert [which was theirs] that I'd one day talk to them, I woulda hit you or something for being ridiculous.

He's heading a new movie/show on E! that airs this Sunday.... all about the real life Magic Mike [and he says it's also part Sex In The City]. A group of hott guys, learning how to strip... hell yes you can count me in.

We talked about the Package Tour [when I saw them last year], how the guys on the show come from all different backgrounds including the NFL, WWE, and MMA... and how his wife and family think about this whole new career of his.

He was SO awesome to talk to! Normally I chop up my interviews pretty good, but I felt like it was a fun and casual conversation.

Jeff also said that a lot of the guys are using "Men of the Strip" as a platform to get into another career, and he's fully supportive of that. That's pretty freaking awesome.

Here are the clips I referenced in the interview:

I'm pretty pumped to watch Sunday night. Feel free to live tweet it with me [and Jeff]!


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