Thursday, May 29, 2014

wearing: simple love

My schedule has been nothing less than crazy busy lately, so getting dressed happens very quickly. Luckily, I had the great idea of trying this tank on its own. 

-tank is from my clothing swap party
-Express jeans via TJ Maxx
-pink flats from H&M [$5!]
-bracelet from BlueLans and necklace was a gift. Earrings from a beach shop

I really do love those shoes, but the whole swing-back style is so painful on my achilles. Am I the only one who struggles with them?! Luckily I carry some tan athletic tape in my purse, so I normally fold up some toilet paper then tape it on to the back of my ankle.

It's so simple, but I really did love it. That tank is hella comfortable and I'm so glad my friend didn't want it anymore.


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