Wednesday, March 5, 2014

this or that outfit polls

I think I just discovered a new thing I want to start doing! And there are even a few ways for YOU to get involved!

There are several things in my closet that are my own staples that I try and figure out different ways to wear them every day... and then there are also outfits where I can't figure out which accessories or something works best... so now I'm just going to ask you!

It started with this gray military jacket I dusted off from my closet. I used to wear it all the time [as you see in the header pic up there] even though it was uncomfortable. I tried it out again, and it fit way better than before! Now I can wear it buttoned up, which I never even considered before.

So... it's a simple change, but what do you think works best?

I've been obsessed with striped tanks for a while now because they're the easiest way to add a little something under jackets, cardigans, etc... plus they're the easiest pattern to mix-n-match with! This tank would be worn every day if it was acceptable.

Recently, I wore it around Philly with my favorite green jacket and tan boots, and again for an artist interview/performance with a pink blazer and booties. [I'm not sure if the cut of the neck droops with the pink because I wasn't wearing a tank underneath or it was stretched out.. woops.]

With these, I feel like they're so different it's not really about picking one or the other... right?!

And finally, I've been trying to pair up a scarf and blazer for a while, but for whatever reason I always think it looks way better on other people. When I posted an intoxicated selfie asking for opinions, everyone loved the final option. I tried two other accessories first, though- A coral bubble necklace and black chandelier earrings.

My idea for getting YOU involved is simple! If you ever have a hard time deciding on something with an outfit, send it to me, and we'll help you out! We're all friends here. We won't bite unless you deserve it. Just tweet or Instagram a pic and tag me [@luvelizabethany] or email it to me!
I'll also try to reach out to some of the WYWW regulars to do this soon.



gray military jacket from Rue 21 years ago
purple jeans from Forever21
heels from H&M
silver gold chain bunch of necklaces

striped tank from F21
pink blazer from H&M
old green military jacket
black jeans from Papaya
white teardrop earrings
owl necklace
black booties from F21
tan boots from Steve Madden

white blazer from KMart!
top from LC Lauren Conrad
Express jeans from TJ Maxx
black booties from F21
bubble necklace was a gift
black chandelier earrings
scarf from Charlotte Russe

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K said...

I voted for the necklace on the bottom picture, but I think the scarf looks awesome, too! I really really like this idea!