Thursday, March 6, 2014

interview: reminiscing and getting silly with mkto

It's been an exciting couple of weeks full of interviews and meeting artists! Eventually you'll get to see them all, but I had to share my favorite one first.

MKTO came in to do a fun acoustic performance, talk about dirty Nickelodeon stories with Toby [hopefully this will be posted soon, but I'm not in charge of that], then I got to steal them for a couple quick questions for my show.

They did the summer show at HOT 100.5, tried my stilts, and hung out at the hotel for a little bit after it all... so I had to bring that up before we got into anything else. Still, we kept it fun the entire time, and I think the screenshots prove it:

Yeah... lots of laughs, even though they really suck at jokes:

Talking to people I've already chatted with before is so refreshing... but I do enjoy the challenge of someone new, so I'll have a few of those ASAP!


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