Wednesday, June 19, 2013

watch etv: tony oller of mkto tries out my stilts

I'm not sure why I've never decided to try to bring out my stilts during an interview before, but I'm thinking it might need to happen more often.

After their interview with Kendall at the HOT Summer Fiasco, I jokingly offered them to the guys of MKTO [one of them being Walt from "Lost," for those of you who are all "who the eff is MKTO], and Tony decided to try them out!

His manager was not happy with me, saying he'd sue me if Tony fell since I didn't have a release form... but I decided to just channel my super strength and make sure he never fell... or at least try to.

[side note: why does it play in really crappy quality unless I change it to HD?! There's gotta be a way to change that... is it like that for you too?!]

Anyway, everything was all good, but Malcolm decided to be a good boy and listen to Daddy Manager. Maybe I should think twice about whoever I offer it to... and make sure I actually have someone really strong to help me out in holding them up... cuz I obviously didn't have Tony...


PS see my first time on the stilts here!

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