Thursday, June 20, 2013

what ya wearin wednesday 061913

Summatimeeee, when everyone just throws on something that won't make them sweat!

Let's see it, hotties!

@kendallradio was wearing some fun leopard-print wedges and fun lipstick!

Also leopard: @KaciKruz and her grey jeans!

Oh, and @alorabuzz who said she rebelled and wore different patterns! Enjoy.

@captainamandica brought out her inner mean girl and showed off a new piercing!

I REALLY like @betsycoy96's white jeans and bright red/orange tank!

Normally I say no work uniforms, but how can I turn down this picture of baby ferrets from @jenniferocious?!?!?

@EGNolan finally joined in because he looked adorable. Black button down is always a win, sir! ...just lose that point thing... ;)

New Twitter friend @90sVintage is clearly staying true to themselves.

@kristin_bubblyonabudget made this super long floral cami herself!

@llllinds looked hott in this aztec bodycon dress... and it even got her a hangout with The Neighbourhood!

Simple, but totally cute! @krystalllcurlzz tank is fantastic!

Yeah, I can't say no to babies either. Especially @nikkie_bby's!

Let's talk about how really great @ksnedegar's lace and striped maxi skirt look!

Matchy-matchy! @abaker1804 also looks great in a striped maxi, dressed down with a tee!

@lnatiger is a fan of whales, and I'm not mad about it.

How great is @melmoraes' necklace from the Bahamas?! I love that it inspired her whole outfit... or at least I assume. I think I shall try the whole open shirt with a belt thing.

Power. Rangers. Tee. on @naenee101

@dbomb252 also wore a *powerful* graphic tee, reppin' Flash!

@nicolzi and her BFF BOTH look great! I really want both of those tops.

How awesome are these rings on @lrenwick320? I love infinity signs.

@peypey305 got these high waisted shorts from the thrift shop!

Not fair: @_emm_uhh_lee_ got to spend the day at the beach... but I enjoy that phone cover!

@Moirgirl had an adorable crochet dress and flops that brighten/dress up the outfit!

@maczilllla was more than ready for a night on the town!

@jennay_z has the shirt I've seen everywhere so obviously need. I love the comfy cuteness. 

I'm gettin ready for 4th of July early! [And looking for an excuse to wear my 'Merica scarf! 
-lace dress from Ross $10
-scarf from Amazon, but was a gift
-heels from Rue21 $12
-brown belt came on a pair of jorts

Funny story: I always set up the tripod for my pictures, and bugs were bothering me like woah... so that's me trying to stay cool and swat it away. Fail. [Okay, maybe not that funny.]

I'm glad we got some new faces on here today thanks to our June Photo Challenge! Feel free to spread the word to your friends, too! Especially if they're making fun of you for selfies. Selfies are allowed on Wednesdays, y'all. 


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