Monday, April 26, 2010

watch eTV: i finally got my jumping stilts

I've literally been waiting for YEARS to get these stupid jumping stilts. [Obviously by stupid I mean the best thing ever created in life.] Ever since I saw them on some Diddy VMA performance, I've had them on my Christmas list.

Finally they arrived at my home last week.

Just to give you an understanding on how freaking ridiculously amazing these things are, look:

Yeah. I know. You want some now, too.

They say I should be able to be running and jumping and whatever else I may think of within 5 days/tries/practices whatever. So that's what I shall do. I'll be flipping around Woodbridge in no time.

Of course I've got to bring the Flip with me each time. Sooo, let's get to it.

Last Wednesday they came at 9AM, and I wasted NO time giving them a whirl. [Though now looking back I think I should have waited at least a few hours until someone got home....]

.....Yikes. Yeah. First time= not so easy.

Second time coming soon, for sure! These things are way too epic to stay off of for long or get me discouraged. I learned that a little help from the ceiling is always welcome... and sometimes very necessary.

BTW- If anyone in the area has some, let's set up a play date! I want jumping friends!



Anonymous said...

"I think I should wait for someone's help."

Now THAT'S comedy!


Unknown said...

I think those would be fun to try. I can just imagine myself wiping out in them though! But maybe I could outrun Ace for once!
jumping stilts