Monday, April 26, 2010

funny soaps we should all try

I'm definitely one of those people who switches soaps/products/whatever all the time just so I can try new stuff, and this list of soaps gives me even more to try and I'm pumped about it.

They're a little bizarre, but bizarre= amazing. And yes... They're all totally real.

Turn into a cougar in no time flat?! Shooottt. Sounds like a bargain!

Apparently it's stainless steel that chefs can rub on their hands so that no matter what nasty smells they had on their hands, they'll be gone!

Looks like poop, smells like strawberries! I want it now.

This is one I'll definitely pass on. I think pickles have one of the worst smells in the world. I love them, but boy do they stink.

I'm sure all of you are thinking "This is perfect for ebeth!" False. Cat food is not one of my favorite smells. I love my Slutty Cat, but no thanks to the food smell.

If this can promise to get me the Absinthe high, which it says it can, I'm buying some right now.

Can someone please explain to be the bacon fascination right now?! All of these bacon flavored, scented, etc things- I just don't understand it!

This makes me want to take a shower... Or maybe it's the stench coming off of me. Either way... Sugar Daddy where you at?! I'm trying to try new things!