Thursday, March 6, 2014

tbt: 10 ways to wear overalls in 2014

For the longest time, I always said overalls were the one fashion from the 90s that should not come back... but I think I'm about to eat my words.

After Little Mix [UK pop group] came in to the studio last weekend and one of them was wearing overalls, I decided to browse Pinterest for some other ideas.

They were sweatpants-overalls, and still, somehow, looked sexy! It was baffling. 

Here are some other good outfits I found. [Click the pic for the source]

Simple. rolled cuffs, heeled booties, and a tee. 

LEATHER overalls add a bit of sexy, especially with those heels and crop top.

Not sure how I feel about all the floral, but I think the stripes go really well and might actually make it all work.

All plain and simple until you get to the hott heels!

Statement accessories and a striped shirt might be the perfect way to do it. 

All white is super trendy for Spring... I'm undecided on this look, but it might be proof that the body/person they're on matters.

Not many people have the swagger of this chic to pull this off, but she's working them enough for me to share it.

Crop top of some sort with statement jewelry and a bright pop of color somewhere... Yes.

I think the main rules to follow if you are gonna go with some overalls:

  1. Keep them fitted. Don't go super baggy like in the 90s. 
  2. Wear heels or at least some girly, stand-out shoes. 
  3. Give them a touch of sexy in any way... crop top being the easiest. 
And make sure they don't look like an apron or like you're actually going to work on a farm... I don't know... I still can't say 100% that it's a good thing to try. There were far more outfit examples on Pinterest that I DIDN'T like, but I still think they're worth a try on if you see them in the store. 

Your thoughts?


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