Thursday, January 30, 2014

throwback thursday: how lizzie mcguire inspired our lives

Lizzie McGuire was on from 2001-2004, and if you watched it... her fashion and live inspired everything you did.

I was in high school while it was airing [which may or may not be weird to get inspired by Disney in high school], and would sometimes wake up an extra hour early just to do a combination crimp and curl like her.

If only I had a picture of me with that 'do.... I swear I did it all the time as a sophomore or junior. Oh dear.

Since it's throwback Thursday, I figured we might as well take a look back at the AMAZING fashions from our BFFs Lizzie and Miranda.

Bandanas: a must-have in every fabric, color, and design.

Also mandatory: Cornrolls/cornrows whatever the eff they are.

Don't wanna do either of those? Fine... grab a Kangol or bucket hat. 

OR just get some colored ponytail extensions.

If you don't have a muscle shirt [preferably with the slit or bedazzling] you're nothing.

Butterflies, flares, and showing belts will also get you in with the crew.

Look how ahead of the times she was! We're even wearing jean jackets and patterned pants nowadays!

Matching headbands and chokers are also necessary in bulk. 

I guess we can also blame her for smiling with our mouth wide open...

And for all the guys who are mad they get stuck in the friend-zone... blame Gordo.

If I had all my high school pictures here, I'd totally reflect back on all of these... but this is all I've got right now.

That hair and the high-necked shirt and choker... and the hat with the belt on display... [I thought I was cute setting up a sheet and taking pictures of myself like that.. which isn't too far off from nowadays so I should shut up.]

What a fantastic show... but we really should have known that Disney fashion is RARELY something to mimic. 


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