Tuesday, January 28, 2014

weekend outfits: stripes and bling

My brain is doing the complete opposite of working these days, and I'm even medicated again! But like... when you have a brain fart or writer's block when starting a fashion post, you have issues.

And now I don't know what to say next.

Here's what I wore Friday, when I finally go to host my first DC club gig at Ultrabar!

-old boyfriend blazer from Forever21
-tank from Target
-pleather and lace leggings from White Owl Boutique [only $14!]
-bunch of necklaces from all over
-simple black pumps from Shoe Dept.

And I discovered this little trick with my leggings... If I just put a pair of opaque tights underneath, it not only keeps me warm, but takes away all my cellulite and wrinkles in the leggings!

It was super comfortable, I felt pretty sexy [even though I'm thinking it looked better in the dark than now...], and I was free to dance on the platforms or wherever I felt. 

And Saturday...

-sweater from F21 clearance the other day for under $10!
-gray jeans, also from F21 a long time ago
-neon flats from Charlotte Russe
-neon rope and fake blinged out necklace from H&M for a DOLLAR!

I fully regretted this decision of flats in the winter.... but they were so perfect for the outfit!

 I feel like I'm probably going to wear that outfit for the Super Bowl, too [it's kinda sorta almost their colors in real life]... Don't tell anyone, but I'm a big fan of the Seahawks because of their uniforms and colors. But seriously... that's top secret information because I sound like an annoying girl and they consistently beat the Redskins whenever we actually do make it to the playoffs.

So there are those.... now I'm going to go get some things and find a place in this apartment for all my lights and photography stuff so I can start posting semi-decent photos.


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