Friday, January 31, 2014

hangover of love 013114

I feel like calling it just the Hangover now is weird... because sometimes they're not from the current week. And I'm going to start adding in some things on Pinterest that I've become obsessed with in the past week and AH! I'm so indecisive these days. It's a problem. Why am I rambling?! WTF was I even saying?

Just give it to 'em, Internet.
And some Pinterest treasures: 


We did this at Columbia Christian College to play Monopoly
True story.
18 Ways To Make The Best Of Your Twenties: Spend quality time with your friends that doesn't involve going to a bar and texting other people.

And as always, I was a blogging machine with all the share-worthy things on my HOT blog! 
[My #1 recommendation is the Full House reunion on Jimmy Fallon, in case you somehow missed that.]


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