Tuesday, February 4, 2014

wearing; inspiration, my dear watson

I made a post all about Joan Watson's fashion a while back, but I've never really been able to dress like her. It's mostly because I feel like my body type wouldn't carry her outfits the way she does, but also because I don't have the shorts or tops or anything like I thought I might invest in.

BUT... I finally opened my skirt drawer the other day when it was 45 degrees [holy warm!] and decided it was time to try out this green skirt from my clothing swap party! After throwing a million pieces everywhere, I finally went with my go-to striped under shirt and a dark tan cardi.

-cardi from Papaya
-tank from F21
-skirt from my clothing swap
-black opaque tights and black booties from F21 [$12!]

Accessorized with my fave wrap around watch and new purse from Target for $5!

This kind of outfit is just so comfortable! NO WONDER she's always wearing the loose clothes with tights... I mostly felt like I was wearing pajamas all day and night. In fact.. I did sleep in the outfit after crashing at my friend's house...