Tuesday, October 15, 2013

watch etv: i got to talk to emblem3 again

Remember that time Emblem 3 came in, I interviewed them, and then OMG ATTACK OF THE INTERNETS!!!?

Well... I got the... interesting news that my first interview here in DC would be with them. No one here knew what all had happened, so I was a bit nervous to have to explain it all. [Ya see, I ended up getting in trouble for responding/posting tweets... which is just ridiculous] When I did, they were pumped for me to be able to bring it up again with E3 and hopefully get some good radio.

So, as the boys entered the room, I gave no warm up... we got right into it.

BAM, EMBLEMS! Guess who wins! ME! Told ya it was all in fun. They had no issue with me and my main complaint was the one I had before: Their lack of really talking about anything besides some video game that they rambled on about.

Still, they have fun songs, they're fun to look at, and their fans [clearly] love them, so I'm glad we got everything cleared up for the world to see.


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