Monday, August 19, 2013

what i wore last week: turning old into new

While I didn't spend a lot of time getting dressed last week [I had a lot of morning meetings that had me throwing on t-shirts or bathing suits...], I did manage to throw a couple outfits together with the quickness.

When time is limited, I tend to forget about the details and just try to find some go-to items to throw together.

I tried mixing two patterns, which really requires very little accessories/add-ons in my opinion. Now that I see this outfit, I realize how unflattering it is... but I thought the patterns were fun!
-shirt from Express $12
-clear jellies sandals from F21 $8
-orange earrings that you can't see were under $1

This dress is really old. I probably got it from Rue 21 in college or something. It definitely shows its age sometimes, but it's so comfortable and skinnifying, I don't care. I originally paired it with leopard flats, but I wanted a matching necklace which I didn't have... so I went with the black and white as usual.
-old dress
-necklace from Old Navy $4
-sandals from Charlotte Russe $8
-black stud earrings

For the Backstreet Boys concert, I obviously had to do something a little 90s! I planned on wearing a denim vest over this, but wanted the old MTV logo to be the center of attention.
-shirt from F21 years ago
-skirt from F21 $9
-fanny pack c/o Sorry I Party
-earrings from
-to be honest, I just wore flops since it was pouring all night.

I got this awesome NYX glitter palette in ipsy one month and have been waiting for the right time to try it... hellooo glitter make-up in the 90s/early 00s! It was perfect! I wish I had known it clumped up so much, but luckily you couldn't tell unless I fell asleep right in front of your face. 

And that's enough of my face for one week. Don't forget to check out Wednesday's outfit on the What Ya Wearin Wednesday post!


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