Thursday, August 15, 2013

what ya wearin wednesday 081413

Somehow I've had one of those days where I was busy all day, and feel like I got nothing done... probably too much stalking of all your pics. 

Let's do it!

@shaylads nails are pretty, but the coolest part is that they change colors!

@amsnedegar was "comfy" but mostly cute for a test day!

Once again @alorabuzz looks perfect in peplum... that she got for under $5!

How awesome is @KaciKruz's skirt?! That thing is going to be the highlight of so many outfits in her future.

@jemmyemtv was celebrating a sale with an awesome skirt and fun blazer!

@kimberlicious0 looks gorgeous channeling her inner Marilyn Monroe.

@vlaxerg's sparkly shirt is so fun! It brightens up her dark pants!

@oksunshine just has on a cami and a skirt, but she looks so cute! Easy greatness.

@EGNolan made me think I was gonna get a "Biebering" photo, but I'll take this too... I GUESS. ;)

@ksnedegar said it was a casual day, but sparkles are fancy in my book! Love the whole combination of it.

@xxkaleigh1dxx was all owl'd out with her shirt and necklace.

@jannashepherd's shirt is so fun, and is perfectly matched with green shorts!

@megan__mcdonald and friends went to the local fair, and dressed the part. I'm obsessed with this idea.

How cute is @jaimeeblair and her matching sister?! Love the simplicity of a scarf or vest with a maxi!

Speaking of maxis, I'm loving @abaker1804's too!

@rainydaychatter looks gorgeous in her pink pants, floral shirt, and matching lipstick.

@DwightDGroves put on some fancy cuffs! Dang!

Like I told @melissajo51, leopard accessories are always a win!

I'm totally gonna have to copy @jbf_rn's color combo of turquoise, orange and white.

The biggest win of the day is my coworker J-Mac's BSB tee from the thrift store... obviously.

As for me, I normally try to do something fun/different/more than usual on Wednesdays, but I had so much going on that I couldn't decide what to wear and ended up throwing on some of my go-tos last minute. 
-mint necklace from Charlotte Russe $5
-lace tank from Aeropostale a long time ago
-neon shorts from CR $10
-jellies sandals from F21 $8
-super amazing Kate Spade radio bangle that a listener got for me!

...Oh wait.... I was totally lying when I said J-Mac won.... Because in reality, this is the winner: 

The winner= ME! I found about fifteen versions of this picture on @CoreyRadio's phone tonight and HAHAHAHAHAHAH I haven't stopped dying laughing since. You should probably check out everything that went down in our tweets.

Now if you'll excuse me, I really need to get this laughing under control again [and probably get in bed, considering it's 1:45am right now].


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